Re: I need help! Publishing Feed on Blogger

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  • Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 11:23:09 -0600

I wonder what client people are using to pull atom podcasts? Podcasts normally 
must be in RSS 2.0 which means we are stuck with feedburner for better or 
worse. Unless you are able to customize the atom.xml into an rss file, that is 
why you'd see no episodes. Ipodder doesn't like atom.

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  Perhaps if you change your subject to something meaningful, people will be 
more likely to respond.
  I took the liberty of changing it on this message.

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    Hello. THis is jerry mader.
    I need some assistance, on blogger.
    I can't get my feed to publish right. I went on the site and selected site 
feed and told it to publish a feed, but i put the feed in my Juice reciever and 
its not coming up.
    It keeps reading No epasodes found.
    Which is confusing me because the blind forem has four posts.
    What should i do and how do i fix this?
    Jerry Mader
    Owner of the blind forem  podcast 
    Check it out at Http://
    and the Jerry Mader cast pod cast found at Http:// 

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