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Hey Steve,

Yeah. Just listened to your podcast. I do have WE and am planning on trying out your tricks, but, I sure hope the Podshow guys don't get the idea that this is anything close to sufficiently accessible. Oh, yeah, I'm already going too far by assuming they care... Thanks for the demo and the work you put into it; I'll be giving it a try soon.

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Well, it's been over a month so I figured I'd make another shameless
plug for my new show.  I just uploaded episode #5 today and it covers
what I think to be an interesting subject.  I'm demoing the Podsafe
Music Network's web site and show some tricks I had to use in order to
play tracks and the like.  All and all, we as blind folks can use the
PSN all be it jumping through a few hoops at times.

Sorry for the length but it is well over an hour in length.  I generally
prefer to keep them short as there are so many programs out there to
keep up with:).  This is my first time demonstrating any computer
applications and if I must say, the audio turned out pretty good.

Oh, and I even came up with some intro music and had a bunch of fun
playing with Goldwave, editting, cutting and pasting away:).  It took a
lot of time but I'm learning a lot at the same time:).

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