Here's a way to record Skype conversation - Chris G.

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  • Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2005 15:50:48 -0800 (PST)

I figured out a way to record Skype conversations today. It is
not the best way but it works for me.

You will need:

1. Headset with microphone or whatever works for you when you
use Skype.

2. Buy a adapter/splitter that has 2 1/8 inch female jacks on
one end and the other end of this adapter has 1 male 1/8 inch
jack. Your setup may differ from mine. I have a 6 foot extension
cable that is connected to my sound card's out port and the
other end of this extension cable has female 1/8 inch jack where
I connect my headset/microphone unit to. On this female
extension cable connect a adapter that has 2 female 1/8 inch
jacks and the other end of this adapter 1 male 1/8 inch jack.
Connect the male 1/8 inch jack to the female 1/8 inch extension
cable jack.

3. Now you will have the adapter with only 2 female 1/8 inch
jacks. Connect your headset/microphone jack in one of these
female jacks. The headset's microphone jack should be connected
to your sound card's microphone in.

4. On the remaining female jack on the adapter connect a 1/8
inch cable to it. The other end of this cable can vary depending
on your setup. It can be regular RCA jacks or 1/8 inch male
type. I run the other end of this cable to a stereo receiver's
Left/Right Audio Inputs jacks. I have the stereo receiver set to
line in - auxillary.

5. Connect a 1/8 inch male cable to your stereo receiver's
headphone output jack. Connect the other of this cable which is
also 1/8 inch male to your line in jack of your mp3 recorder. I
have a mp3 recorder from PoGo Products called the RipDrive but
they no longer sell them..

7. Connect a headphone to your mp3 recorders headphone out jack.

8.Run Skype software program.

9. When you want to record a Skype conversation just hit the
record button on your mp3 recorder to start recording.

10. You have begun recording your Skype conversation. When
finished press the stop button on your recorder.

11. You will have a file on your recorder. Move it to your
computer's hard drive by connecting the mp3 recorder to your
computer's USB port.

12. The file is now on your pc and you can use it for a podcast
if necessary.

You can test it with the Tell Me service. 1-800-555-tell

This works for me.


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