Re: Goldwave and SoundForge Tutorials

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For Gold Wave go to I don't know about Sound Forge.
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  Hello lists!

  I own both soundforge and goldwave.  I am looking for a copy of Jonathan 
Mosen's tutorial on Soundforge 4-5 (exact version not known) in any form I can 
get it, preferably MP3, OG, or Wave.  

  Also, I would like to know if such a tutorial exists for Goldwave and, if so, 
I'd appreciate someone telling me how to get a full tutorial on Goldwave with a 
step-by-step approach to learning it.  The soundforge tutorial by Mosen really 
helped me learn soundforge and I feel a Goldwave tutorial would be just as 

  You know, I think such tutorials would be good on all such programs, along 
with the manual in voice.

  Thanks very much,

  James Robinson

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