GPS (Sendero) and Toshiba Notebook

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Hello List!

I have a Toshiba Notebook and have heard of a GPS system called Sendero.  Could 
a GPS system like that one be made to work on a Toshiba Notebook.  I have heard 
they work on systems such as the Pac Mate and Impowered PDS and other similar 
devices, but I don't have one of them, so I'd like to know if I could hook one 
of these devices to my notebook.  I currently use a wireless modeum for Verizon 
service on my notebook via a USB connection.  the device is less in size than a 
small remote control device.  If the GPS is such a thing, could I hook it to my 
notebook and install the software for it on the notebook and have it work.  

If this device can't properly be used for such a thing, is there a software 
solution to my needs?  Could I get a software program that could install on my 
notebook and have access to all of the maps and stuff that a GPS software 
program would have and have it work like my wireless modeum?  I have four USB 
ports so room is no object.  

Thanks for your time and help.

James Robinson

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