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Hello all brothers and sisters in Christ, and fello podcast listeners,
My wife and I are starting a new podcast venture. Please read the following post.

Hi, all. Lino and I are starting a new venture. We were doing our devotional time this morning and we both wondered what it might be like to do a podcast of that devotional time, sharing whatever devotion we do for that day and also including whatever discussions we have during our devotional time. Depending on which devotions we do, some of them will be a half hour or less while others might be longer, but we wanted to share this link with you so anyone who might be interested can have devotional time with us. We use OUR DAILY BREAD, KEYS FOR KIDS and THE SECRET PLACE. We choose one at random each day, so we never know from one day to the next which one we're going to do. We also encourage prayer requests. We open each devotional time with a prayer and close with another prayer, and that's where we'd be doing the prayer requests of our own as well as those of others. If you're interested in listening to the podcasts and have prayer requests, you can send them to me at
with prayer request in the subject line. We don't know how well this will go over, but one thing I'm hoping, at least, is that if we're doing this, we'll be more committed to doing this every day. Sometimes, we let time get away from us and we don't do the devotions like we should. If we have people interested in listening to these and we're uploading them when we're done, it's like a commitment...something we agreed to do and we're less likely to slack off. <smile> Anyway, Lino has sent a few test messages, so if you add this link to Juice now you'll probably get a few interesting snippets. <smile> The actual devotion time will start tomorrow. We don't have a set time for when each one will be uploaded for the day, but there will be one every day, God willing. <smile> Feel free to forward this message to anyone you think might be interested...lists or individuals. Take care.
Julie Morales
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