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>From: "Prof Norm Coombs" <nrcgsh@xxxxxxx>
>Easi: Equal Access to Software and Information begins Podcasting
>EASI In Your Pocket!
>The Web has long enabled all of us to access information from around 
>the world
>and to access it from any where and at any time so long as we were sitting at
>a computer and connected to the Internet.  Podcasts now let us take 
>online information
>and load it into a personal pocket-sized device and listen to it any 
>where and
>any time so long as our batteries have life in them.
>EASI launches its first weekly podcast series on January 11:
>Barrier-free Information Technology Tips and Tricks
>Do you have trouble reading manuals for your computer, cell phone 
>and other devices?
>Do you have trouble with user unfriendly software, Web pages and device
>menus? We will regularly provide tips and tricks for both beginner 
>and advanced
>users to remove barriers to your getting the full use and enjoyment of
>today's and tomorrow's technology
>These podcasts will be kept to about 15 minutes in length and will be posted
>at least once a week.  The series will provide information for the 
>general user
>of information technology on tips and tricks to use computers and 
>similar devices
>more efficiently.  We will also include information about more efficient use
>of special adaptive technology applications that support users with 
>various disabilities.
>You can subscribe by going to:
>or you can paste the following URL into your agrigator:
>In the near future, EASI will launch other podcast series to 
>accompany this initial

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