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Thanks for this. I forwarded it to several lists and individuals, as well as sending on my own email. It would be exciting to have the XM receivers talk.

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Hello all!
>>I was speaking with Mr.  Ralph Stewart of My Radio Store Dot Com.  I was
>>inquiring about which XM Radio Receiver was accessible to Blind Persons >>these days! A number of changes have taken place which necessitated some
>>changes in XM receivers.  The demodulator needed to be turned down to
>>minimize interference to those listening to standard radio stations
>>especially in an automobile. Some people didn't like Howard Stern coming
>>over their favorite religious station as an example. Many of the newer XM
>>portables are using touch screens these days which aren't accessible for
>>Mr.  Stewart then said it's about time for XM receivers to have audio
>>feedback or prompts for those who cannot see the screen.  Some engineers
>>spoke with said the chips used in XM receivers would easily support speech
>>output.  He wants to know how many people would be interested in an XM
>>Receiver with speech?  Please Email him at:
>>ralphs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Let's open the flood gates and let him hear from >>us! He will forward our mail to appropriate engineers and personnel at XM >>Radio. Perhaps we can make a difference! Please feel free to pass this on
>>to any blindness lists you are on.
>>Thanks for reading!
>>Jim Aldrich
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