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If you hit shift+f10 on the feed you want and select properties, go to the cleanup tab there and there's a check box for setting it to delete and then the edit box asks how many days. Try that and let us know.

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Hi Jeff,
Thanks for the tip. I've looked in the cleanup option in juice 2.2, but I
can't find any option to automate deletion. I find a place to sellect the
feed, to sellect the episodes, but I'd like to tell it to get rid of
anything a month old or what ever. Any options in juice for this?


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Rusty, take a cllook at the cleanup tab to perform those options.

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Hi folks,
It's been a long time since I read this list so if this has been discussed
adnauzium, I'm sorry.

I would like to automate the filtering of podcasts. I would like Juice to
get rid of older things in certain directories., maybe keeping things for a
month only. Or possibly only keeping things I haven't listened to.

I have noticed that folks have moved away from Juice, so if this is better
done with something else, please let me know.

Also, why have people moved away from Juice besides that they've stopped
development? Do other programs do more? Are they more accessible?


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