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  • Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 02:42:31 -0400

Hi Steve. I found holmesgrown just fine on Feedburner! However, when I went to download one of your files, it said, "No episodes found."
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Subject: Feedburner Issues

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Has anyone been experiencing any changes or problems with feedburner
lately? For some reason, my feedburner feed is screwed up now and no
longer includes the enclosures.  Instead of enclosing my audio programs,
it has them ast plain old <a href...> links in the resulting RSS feed
from feedburner.  If you wanna take a look,

I haven't changed anything on either end of this for a while now so
can't really figure out what might have happened.  The other feedburner
based podcasts I'm currently subscribed to seem to be fine so wonder
what might be going on here.  I'm thinking about modifying my blogger
setup so it can produce the enclosures for me on the local RSS feed
instead but I like the fact that feedburner keeps up with other name
spaces like Itunes and the like.

Any ideas out there?

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