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I have one called mp3 tag, forgot where I got it but it is free. I can get rid of those annoying accent characters that are used in place of apostrophe, like don`t instead of don't. Underscores can be easily turned into spaces. One can build the artist and title from the file name if you have artist - title.mp3. It works well, but a little jaws cursoring is needed in the menus.

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May I suggest mp3 tag studio from:
This is an excellent tool.

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Hi folks,
Does any one have a good tag editor that they recommend?
I have many files whose tags need to be cleaned up.
Specifically, I have bunches of wma files which don't have album and
tags. I also want to change the genre or style tag on many files.

I'd like to be able to select directories and have it work.


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