Downloading individual episodes, solution found using Replay!

  • From: Lynn Schneider <lschneider9@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcasting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006 23:03:17 -0500

A while back, I posted a little quandry I had where I wanted to have Juice not check certain feeds automatically. One reason for wanting this capability is that I subscribe to a science feed which often has episodes about NASA and astronomy, my least favorite subjects. I would like to avoid wasting their bandwidth and mine by only downloading episodes having titles which catch my interest. While it is possible to look at the episode list for a particular feed in Juice, it doesn't seem possible to tell Juice not to automatically download new episodes. However, Replay AV will do this very nicely. Here's how it works. You'll first need to find the podcast in the Replay Guide and add it to your list of shows. If you can't find it there, you'll need to find the correct URL for the podcast and add it manually. Next, you'll want to edit the show properties for that podcast, setting the schedule tab to "unscheduled." This will keep Replay from checking the feed automatically. Now, to check the feed manually, tab over to your list of shows, arrow down until you find the podcast you want to check, hit the context key on your keyboard, and press the letter G. This will take you to the guide and bring up the last three or four episodes. You can look at the titles of each episode and decide whether or not you want to download anything listed there. Of course, ideally, you would check back periodically to see if anything new has been posted. There are two little bits of weirdness about the replay guide that I should point out. The download and add links are actually above the episode, which is a tad unusual. Secondly, when looking at a podcast description in the replay guide, it will say something like "last update July 4." I don't know why it says that because, in the feeds I've looked at, there are episodes listed much later than that date, so don't go by that, go by the episode titles. I'm just finding that my hard drive is filling up with podcast episodes I'm not really interested in, so this is a good solution for me. Of course, using an RSS reader is a good option too.

Until next post, happy selective downloading!

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