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The website for trapped on vacation is He's a really good guy and a friend of darcy's and mine.
He listens to us, so he can't be all bad. :)
At 06:42 PM 1/22/2006, you wrote:

I was looking for a worthwhile task and decided to compile a list of all those who have done Disney podcasts.
I'll also list those who are not currently doing them, and that's one individual as far as I know.
there are also a couple who haven't done one in several months. I don't know if their podcasts will resume.
Perhaps they can write me and I'll update the list.

I check the Juice dirrectory every week or so to see if additional podcasts about Disney have been started.
I don't know of a way to quickly search the dirrectory so here is what I do to find the disney podcasts as listed by Juice.
1. open dirrectory
2. open podcasting central with a right arrow
3. open podcasts with a right arrow
4. hit the letter c until you hear catagories and open it with a right arrow
5. use first letter navigation and hit the letter e until you come to entertainment and open it with a right arrow
6. hit the letter d until you come to disney podcast dirrectory and open it with a right arrow
7. down arrow to independant and open it with a rightr arrow, it will consist of all the independant fan podcasts and there are a lot of them.
if you want to get to the Walt disney Company podcasts leave independant closed and arrow down again and there you are.
If anybody has a quicker way to get here let me know.
Here is the most recent list of disney Podcasts.

Independant Podcasts not produced by Disney

I'll list the podcast feed followed by the email address and web page of the podcast if I have them.
These pages often have an archive of past shows.
His podcast feed page is not listed. You can get the feeds from his personal web page.
web page <>
On their web site you'll find outstanding direct master audio files from park attractions as well as videos.
Garys podcast is made up of audio files and music from the parks.
He also runs an Internet radio station featuring Disney sounds from that web site.
His sound and production values are excellent.

Paul Navarre
Voice Mail 206-203-0522
Podcast feed is <>
web page is <>
Going to See the Mouse Podcast
An excellent call-in podcast about visiting Disney Parks 206-203-0522
He hasn't done one in quite a while.

Inside the magic
Ricky Brigante
Phone (206) 202-4486
Email: <mailto:insidethemagic@distant>insidethemagic@distant
podcast feed <>
web page <>

Welcome to Inside the Magic, the Internet's First Orlando-based Disney Podcast! This weekly podcast covers anything related to Disney, from the local parks
to distant lands.

Magical theme Park Podcasts
Don Schockow
or <mailto:magic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>magic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
or magical <mailto:themepark@xxxxxxx>themepark@xxxxxxx
podcast feed <>
web page <>
Features lots of information and news as well as attraction audio primarily from disneyland.

Mouse tunes
podcast feed <>
web page <>
Leave The Mouse | Tunes Podcast Crew a Voicemail at (407) 965 - 5568 (55MT)

From the owners of
(Nathan M. Rose) and
(Lou Mongello) comes the official Mouse | Tunes podcast! Hear the latest Disney news/rumors on your computer or iPod, get reviews on Walt Disney World
restaurants and attractions, have our resident Disney Trivia expert answer your mail, interviews with authors, Disney Imagineers, "surprise guests" and
much more!

Park Hopping Podcasts
podcast feed <>
web page <>
Al is the host and does a show based on sounds of the parks.
His website also has thousands of photos and videos of Disney parks.
He does a great podcast and is now also doing some video and 3D Disney podcasts.

Toon finder Presents,
Linus is not currently doing any more shows.
He did 18 of them.

Based in sunny Southern California your host, Linus James, will talk you through interesting sights and sounds from the park that Walt Disney himself built
and enjoyed... Disneyland.

Trapped On Vacation

  podcast feed <>
I don't have his web page.
True adventures in the World's Vacation Destination, Orlando,

Real Life adventures in the Plastic Playground known as Central Florida! Live podcasting from the worlds #1 Tourist Destinations, Walt
Disney World, Universal Studios Florida, Sea World, and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay! 90% on location! We'll also bring you the smaller attractions as well
like Gatorland, Old Town, and Random I-Drive places too! We're not a news podcast, we're 100% about living and playing right in the middle of the magic!

Window To the Magic

Host Paul Barrie.
Podcast feed <>
or paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Offers a podcast devoted to the sounds of the parks.
His main focus is Disneyland. The show also consists of contests and prizes.
Excellent podcast, he has also done some video podcasts recently.

Email: <mailto:uponapod@xxxxxxxxx>uponapod@xxxxxxxxx
podcast feed <>
I don't have a show web page.
A Podcast Dedicated to All Things Disney!</
To date as only done one show June of 2005.

DetailsByBill's Podcast
podcast feed <>
I don't have a web page.
<description>Walt Disney World Visitor Tips</description>
copyright>William Johnson</copyright>
Shows every first and third Saturday.

Lets talk about Disney, the happies place on earth,
podcast feed <>
web page <>
This appears to be a WDDW podcast. They havent done one since September 2005 so they may not be active any longer.

Mouse guest weekly
podcast feed <>
web page <>
MGW is a weekly
featuring Disney news, reviews, trivia, clips and discussion, plus a weekly update on what's new and exciting at! It's your weekly dose of
Disney fun!
Focuses on WDW.

podcast feed <>
web page <>
Jesse Obstbaum is the host.
The MousePod - The Unofficial Disney Podcast
<description>Random thoughts from a Disney fanThe first unofficial Disney Podcast
An in-depth look at what makes Disney magical. Theme parks, movies, television, music and more.
Shows appear on an inconsistent basis.
Last show to date is August 31 2005.

podcast feed <>
web page <>
email <mailto:podcast@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>podcast@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

description> Because 65 episodes is not enough.</
We are a group of people who believe that the popularity of a television show should determine how many episodes of a show are made, and
when/how often it is shown. Unfortunately, the Disney company disagrees with this statement.
Gregory Isaac
title> | Preserving the Past to protect the Future...</

WDW today
podcast feed <>
web page <>
Highlighting various news and events from around the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.
matt@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Matt Hochberg)</managingEditor> Podcast

Your Hosts
Daniel and Jonathan are your hosts for the podcast with some additional help from Rachel and Megan in this premiere episode. Listen for more voices to become
a part of it in the future.

Want to be a part of the Podcast?
You can leave a voicemail by calling the toll-free number (866) 327-5072 or send an email to
Feel free to attach an audio file to your email if you'd like.

you can use your podcast software to subscribe using this

Beyond Mainstreet Photo = Name:The Extreme Team = Location:Omaha, Nebraska, United States list end

The Extreme Team (a.k.a. The E-Team) is a collaboration between independent filmmakers Robert J. Vranes ( and Lou Moulton ( Together,
Robert and Lou have produced 6 short films and are co-directors of the Extreme 2-Day Film Festival. Lou is also a self-proclaimed "Disney Freak," while
Robert also enjoys everything Disney related.
Email <mailto:eteampodcast@xxxxxxxxx>eteampodcast@xxxxxxxxx
Our voice mail number is (402) 216-0377.
Feed is <>
Web page <>

Disney podcasts

Disneyland Resort Happiest homecoming on earth launch event
These May and July podcasts are not archived on the disneyland site.

The Disneyland Resort  also began their own monthly podcast in October.

Disney World's launch event for the Happiest Celebration On Earth is listed at <>

Disney World began their weekly podcast on Christmas Day 2005.

Disney Insider
individual reads highlights from Disney Newsletter

Last Minute Book Reports

Movie Surfers

Radio Disney Now! <>

The Gears Behind The Ears
Early episodes featured  Disney Archivist Dave Smith

Later podcasts feature imagineer Marty Sklar.
The podcast is about five minutes in length and appears every other week.

        John Gassman

        John Gassman
Recognition Of The Problem is 51% Of The Solution

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