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Before we jump on Adam's back, perhaps we can work with disability-related podcasters and blind to develop the Podcast Pickle directory in the manner we believe would be of best service to the listeners. There is the tension between those who are blindcasters, those who openly discuss their blindness, technology, observations, and share with the listener every unique sound through three different microphones, and cross disability folks who broadcast to a diverse audience of people with disabilities. the cross disability folks often insist on no sub-categories, as this dilutes the universal notion of disability while others believe their particular disability makes them unique. It might be useful to work this issue out in our community first before we end up battling each other with a non-disabled party. Already, Adam has acknowledged on the Source code that he has received vigorous arguments from both of the camps that like either the word "blind" or visually impaired." without resolving this among ourselves first, we leave the non-disabled person at a loss of knowing what exactly to do.


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All the comments about the Disability node for iPodder are very interesting,
and have given me several things to think about. I'm still committed to
advocacy on this front. Next step is to resend my note to Mr. Curry, as an
open letter, which will allow me to publish it around the podcasting
community, I wanted to let you know, though, that there is a directory that
does include a Disabilities category. That would be <a href="
http://www.podcastpickle.com";>Podcast Pickle</a>. Not many shows in that
subcategory yet. It would be great if podcast producers on this list who
want to identify their shows as disability-oriented would begin to get
listed on the Pickle. You could even list yourself and use "blindness" as a
keyword but not list yourself in the Disabilities category. On the Pickle,
you get to pick two categories, plus you create your own sets of keywords.
Adding your cast to the Pickle would help your own visibility and would add
to the credibility of the Pickle directory as it positions itself in the
directory sphere. They already has a number of great features, including
search, and the ability to create a favorites list that others can browse.
You can also play podcasts directly from each podcaster's page. The
Disabilities subcategory on Podcast Pickle is within the Society top-level
category. By the way, I own no stock in the Pickle. What I like about it is
that competition with Podcast Alley and, to a lesser extent, IndiePodder,
has caused the Pickle to be very innovative and responsive to its users.


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