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Jeff I thought you had put together a list of blind broadcasters and I
personally would like to see a category for us. Hell they have categories
for everything else. I haven't done a podcast myself in a while but I think
I finally have a topic of interest so plan on something from me in the near
future. I don't listen to to many podcasts any more. I'm involved in many
things of course so for me time is my issue but I do read this list all the
time and I am certainly interested in what people are doing. I certainly
hope we can keep this community alive and find our place in the podcasting
Don Coco

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On 9/30/2005 at 7:13 PM Jeff Bishop wrote:

>Why don't Darrell, myself and Shelly get together on this this weekend and
>hammer out the details.  Anyone else want to assist?
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>Hi Kelly,
>Yes.  Though I have fallen behind on this in recent weeks, I have, in
>ordered a trial Ivocalize setup and am willing to move forward with it for
>my purposes of accessibility advocacy, including blindcasting projects, of
>course.  I'll have a bunch of time this weekend to move forward on some of
>these things.
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>> Darrell,
>> This is a great proposal.  The core group of leaders could think 
>> through the major issues and minor ones too perhaps Salon style on 
>> Ivocalize and come back to the community for refinement of hashed out 
>> ideas and then go to podcasting leaders with what we need for our
>> Kelly
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>>> Hi Kelly,
>>> Good points, but, sadly, all this stuff won't be resolved now as it 
>>> has never been resolved in the past because the blind community 
>>> remains too fragmented.  Doing things by committee all the time 
>>> almost always results in virtual paralysis of action in most cases.  
>>> I think maybe a core group of leaders in the community should get 
>>> together, hash it out and go back to Adam and others from a position 
>>> of qualification to ask for what we know we need.  Forget about the 
>>> cross-disability stuff; they are not and never have been interested 
>>> in much of anything that really helps blind people.
>>> Darrell Shandrow - Shandrow Communications!
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>>> Subject: [Blind Casting] Re: Disabilities Node/Category
>>>> Before we jump on Adam's back, perhaps we can work with 
>>>> disability-related podcasters and blind to develop the Podcast 
>>>> Pickle directory in the manner we believe would be of best service 
>>>> to the listeners.  There is the tension between those who are 
>>>> blindcasters, those who openly discuss their blindness, technology, 
>>>> observations, and share with the listener every unique sound through 
>>>> three different microphones, and cross disability folks who 
>>>> broadcast to a diverse audience of people with disabilities. the 
>>>> cross disability folks often insist on no sub-categories, as this 
>>>> dilutes the universal notion of disability while others believe 
>>>> their particular disability makes them unique.  It might be useful 
>>>> to work this issue out in our community first before we end up
>each other with a non-disabled party.
>>>> Already, Adam has acknowledged on the Source code that he has 
>>>> received vigorous arguments from both of the camps that like either
>>>> "blind" or visually impaired."   without resolving this among
>>>> first, we leave the non-disabled person at a loss of knowing what 
>>>> exactly to do.
>>>> Kelly
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>>>> Subject: [Blind Casting] Disabilities Node/Category
>>>> Greetings,
>>>> All the comments about the Disability node for iPodder are very 
>>>> interesting, and have given me several things to think about. I'm 
>>>> still committed to advocacy on this front. Next step is to resend my 
>>>> note to Mr. Curry, as an open letter, which will allow me to publish 
>>>> it around the podcasting community, I wanted to let you know, 
>>>> though, that there is a directory that does include a Disabilities 
>>>> category. That would be <a href="
>>>> http://www.podcastpickle.com";>Podcast Pickle</a>. Not many shows in 
>>>> that subcategory yet. It would be great if podcast producers on this 
>>>> list who want to identify their shows as disability-oriented would 
>>>> begin to get listed on the Pickle. You could even list yourself and
>>>> as a
>>>> keyword but not list yourself in the Disabilities category. On the 
>>>> Pickle, you get to pick two categories, plus you create your own 
>>>> sets of keywords.
>>>> Adding your cast to the Pickle would help your own visibility and 
>>>> would add to the credibility of the Pickle directory as it positions 
>>>> itself in the directory sphere. They already has a number of great 
>>>> features, including search, and the ability to create a favorites 
>>>> list that others can browse.
>>>> You can also play podcasts directly from each podcaster's page. The 
>>>> Disabilities subcategory on Podcast Pickle is within the Society 
>>>> top-level category. By the way, I own no stock in the Pickle. What I 
>>>> like about it is that competition with Podcast Alley and, to a 
>>>> lesser extent, IndiePodder, has caused the Pickle to be very 
>>>> innovative and responsive to its users.
>>>> -shelly
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