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Both of you have such sexy voices.
O my God!
Did I just say that?
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Hi Everyone!

Oh boy! This one is nuts! My friend Rachel Bader was visiting. She's been
on so many podcasts, it was about time I got her on mine! We want you to
join us for dinner and laugh with us over some wild things that happened to
us during our visit and at other times in our lives. We're going to the
dogs for sure with this one! And our dogs are just laughing at us! Oh boy!
It's probably one of those "You had to be there" situations, but we do the
next best thing. We laugh. And you will too. I promise!
Hehehehehehehehehe. I'll get mileage out of this story for years to come!

Rachel can be heard on

I was so hoping to have a live recording for you as I made the quiche that night, but a mic battery went, so half of it would have been in one ear. But I told you how to make quiche.

I tell you about a new radio station.  I love it so much I'm sleeping with
the minx!  I mean,  Oh jeez!

I go through announcements about classes, mailing list and addresses.

It's all happening on Debbie Hazelton's Podcast 17


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