Re: Darrell Shandrow makes huge inroads with Podshow

  • From: Steve Holmes <steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 15:48:57 -0700

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On Thu, Nov 17, 2005 at 01:21:44PM -0800, Mac Norins wrote:
> Gary,
> That is exactly what I have been talking about, in my recent posts!  It is a 
> critical chore to have to gather all of the info, that is needed, to 
> communicate exactly what a particular problem is, isn't it?  I believe we 
> are all way too busy to do much of anything concrete, with the exception of 
> talking on these lists!  That must be what so much of the diversion tactics, 
> of the present administration, are all about!

I don't know what you mean by diversion tactics.  I don't think anyone
was skirting the issues, diverting attention, or snubbing you or any of
that.  It is quite common to tell people to take advantage of current
documentation that is often furnished with the appropriate downloaded
software and previous posts to the list if archives are available.
There is even a book available for sale that goes into the entirety of
podcast startup and production.  The exact location of that book is in a
previous message on the list archives.  Sorry, I don't remember off the
top of my head where to find this.  Someone suggested to subscript to
the Digital Media Cast Experiment  podcast.
Go to and look for their feed address.  You can
paste that address into the Juice Receiver program or whatever you are
using to receive podcasts.  I strongly suggest that you listen to
podcasts for a while and get used to how it all works and learn about
what an RSS feeds and what it looks like.  Then consider doing a podcast
when you have learned to crawl before you walk.  Don't try to do all
this at once.

I'm not really sure how much a "special podcasting manual for the blind"
is needed because most of the tools used are simply mainstream things
the standard docs explain just fine.  The only exception I might see to
this is where some sites or applications may have accessibility issues
but that should be worked out elseware.  Actually, I thought the domain was supposed to be a sorta repository for blind
podcasting issues and list blind podcasters.  Not sure where that stands
now though.  If that really worked as originally prposed, we could stash
some documents or audio files such as how to work the Iriver, my tips on
using the Podsafe Music Network, and whatever else.

We don't want to find ourselves answering the same questions on a mail
list over and over and over again.  Invarably, to answer all the
beginner questions all at once would require us to write a manual over
and over and personally, I don't do "do overs."

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