RE: Confusion With Juice

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Most of these come from sites like blogger or audioblog. 

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As far as I know, naming the MP3 is the podcaster's responsibility.   what I

don't know is whether or not services such as Libsyn or Feedburner change 
the names for some reason.  I've had the same situation as you have, and all

I've found to do is make sure my own podcasts are clearly named.

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>From: Pam Drake <pamdrake@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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>Subject: Confusion With Juice
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>A few days ago I opened the "My Received Podcasts" folder and listened to a

>couple of podcasts before deleting them.  Today I tried to do the same, but

>found the filenames were not recognizable text.  Instead they all appear as

>  series of letters and numbers with .mp3 extensions.  Can I get back text 
>names so I don't have to listen to part of every file to find whether or 
>not I want to delete it?  I have listened to files in Juice which I would 
>now like to delete.
>Thanks in advance.

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