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We have an interesting satiations on the NFB student emailing list. We have been having someone soliciting money on the nabs list and the person or robot has also been replying to threads soliciting as well. Have any of you list owners had this problem? ----- Original Message ----- From: "Jeff Bishop" <jeff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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Yes, it has been a serious problem for sure.

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I have a question for any podcaster/bloggers out there; have any of you
noticed an upsurge in comment spam lately? My blog/podcast which has
basically faded for nearly a year now has been getting innodated with
comment spam for the past week or so.  I have my comment posting set to
moderate and thank God I do because over 95% of the garbage being posted is
filthy porn and none of it is relevant at all.  I'm just curious.

Gotta hate those spammers!!!  They ruin e-mail and then when that isn't
enough, they wanna go out and ruin blogging!

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