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Thanks very much.  I will check on that.  My best, Chuck

Chuck Ayers
Tulsa, Ok. USA
Voice Mail: 1 918 260 4729
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> Hi Chuck
> You've already got a blog, that's step numbber 1 already taken care of.
> a number of people will disagree with me on this, but if you wanna keep
> things super simple and easy, go set up an account on Feedburner.
> it's free.
> When you do this, you'll need to get the rss feed of your blog, most blogs
> out there have them now, so you may have to hunt around for it but you
> should be able to locate it somewhere.  Give that rss feed address to
> feedburner.  Then, when you record any audio and post it to your website
> blog, it'll be sent out as a podcast.  Simply give your website visiters
> your feedburner address, it would look something like
> http;:// what you call your podcast will most
> likely be what that last part will be. i just used the podcast in the
> address as a general term, it can be anything you like.
> Then, as I said, when you post any mp3 files you've made, through whatever
> software you have, it automatically becomes a podcast.
> I'm sure there are other solutions but that's the one i use whenever I do
> podcast (haven't done one of those in a few months but  I hope to soon),
> i haven't forgotten about it, just haven't found anything really good to
> talk about. anyways, that should get you going.
> At 03:36 PM 11/28/2005, you wrote:
> >Hello List:
> >In order to make available audio for podcast download, what software do I
> >need.  Or, what is the correct steps to allow audio files to be
> >on a Ipodder?
> >Thanks
> >Chuck Ayers
> >Tulsa, Ok. USA
> >Email:
> ><mailto:c.r.ayers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>c.r.ayers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> >Voice Mail: 1 918 260 4729
> >Website:

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