RE: Can you help me spend $400.00? <Big smile>

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I think I would get a Edirol 9 or 1, whichever I could get my hands on.

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Can you help me spend $400.00? <Big smile>  I have $400.00 left in my
research grant account, and I must spend it before the end of the year or I
will lose it.  So, here is my question to you:

If you have an Olympus WS320-M digital recorder that does a nice job of
recording on the fly, so to speak, but you want to invest more money into
software and hardware that will facilitate producing hi-quality recordings
and podcasts, and you have $400.00 to work with, how would you invest the
$400 to maximize the quality of your recordings and podcasts?  What other
pieces of software and/or hardware would you purchase?  I am totally blind,
and therefore, high functionality and accessibility are critically
important to me.  

Thanks for your suggestions...

Ron M.

Dr. Ronald E. Milliman, Professor of Marketing, Western Kentucky University
**President, South Central Kentucky Council of the Blind (SCKCB)
**Chair, Monthly Monetary Support Program (MMS)

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