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Hi Deb,
Some times we need a little boost to know that we're doing something right.
I find myself needing that little boost more often than I would like to.
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Well put Frank. Yes, I think Byron is one of the best! So Byron, you have
fans out here! <smile>
Don't you dare even think of going away!


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You were one of the best podcasters out there.
I knew that allot of the people that were doing the podcast thing were going
to disappear, but I didn't expect one of the best to go also!
I know you don't know it, and you're probably saying, "what the heck is up
with this dude," but you are the one that directly got me in to this podcast
I mean all of this in a good way.
I hope that you go to CSUN this year so that we could hang out.
You could also write to me off list at flizarde@xxxxxxxxx, or at
franklizarde@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, or add me to skype with the name franklizard.
You are one of the best, dude, so let's hear some more!
If any one else is going to CSUN this year, you could also write to me, or
add me to skype so that we could meat and hang out over there.
Frank Lizarde
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Subject: Byron's Shows

Hey Guys,
I haven't said anything in here in a long time and I haven't done a
Byron's Journal in a while, but I figured I should tell you that all
of my weekly radio shows are being podcast as well. If you like
engaging discussion about technology or science fiction or
pop-culture, you'll love The Talk Zone, if you like comedy, dementia,
and weirdness, you will enjoy The Fun Zone. Here are the feeds for
both shows. Please subscribe and tell me what you think about the two
shows. I know they are not the same as Byron's Journal and I promise
you that I will get around to actually doing some more of those. I
have been extremely busy and haven't been in the mood to do podcasts
lately. I am going to take measures to change that though. Here are the
feeds for all of my podcasts.

The Fun Zone

The Talk Zone

Byron's Journal


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