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Ooh I was just gonna ask him that.
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hi how much was the prow 83 scanner?
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> Come join me for Byron's Journal #29
> On this Episode we take two new geeky toys with us out on the road. The
> first one is a Radio Shack Amplifier that cost me $25 and a 6 Foot Patch
> Cord that cost me $6. This is a hearing device that has a stereo mic and
> a headphone jack on it. It was designed for people who can't afford
> Hearing Aids and want amplified sound. The other tech toy we took with
> us is a Radio Shack Pro-83 Scanner. It has a feature called Signal
> Stalker which will lock on to a frequency when it is active and is the
> dominating signal. This is good to have when you are out and about and
> someone is talking on a radio and you want to listen in. As soon as they
> key up that little radio your Pro-83 will lock onto their frequency and
> you can listen until your ears bleed.
> We took the toys with us out to Taco Bell so we could see if it would
> pick up the wireless headsets that the employees use to talk to
> customers in the drive-thru. Just incase you were wondering what
> frequency the local Taco Bell is on, it's 469.015. The Signal Stalker
> said .012 though so it's not entirely accurate.
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