Byron's Journal #29

  • From: "Byron J. Lee" <byron@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcasting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 09 May 2006 01:56:27 -0500

Come join me for Byron's Journal #29

On this Episode we take two new geeky toys with us out on the road. The
first one is a Radio Shack Amplifier that cost me $25 and a 6 Foot Patch
Cord that cost me $6. This is a hearing device that has a stereo mic and
a headphone jack on it. It was designed for people who can't afford
Hearing Aids and want amplified sound. The other tech toy we took with
us is a Radio Shack Pro-83 Scanner. It has a feature called Signal
Stalker which will lock on to a frequency when it is active and is the
dominating signal. This is good to have when you are out and about and
someone is talking on a radio and you want to listen in. As soon as they
key up that little radio your Pro-83 will lock onto their frequency and
you can listen until your ears bleed.

We took the toys with us out to Taco Bell so we could see if it would
pick up the wireless headsets that the employees use to talk to
customers in the drive-thru. Just incase you were wondering what
frequency the local Taco Bell is on, it's 469.015. The Signal Stalker
said .012 though so it's not entirely accurate.

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