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I really do feel badly for not doing podcasts for so darned long. I hope that I can get myself back into the game. I really enjoy doing podcasts, especially those sound-seeing tours. One of the reasons behind my lack of podcasts is my severe lack of recording equipment. I had an Archos Recorder 20, but it died on me about 2 months ago and my friend Blair tried to fix it for me. He put a brand spankin' new 30 gig drive in it for me and 2 days later it started to make funny screeching noises. I also had an Archos Ondio, which is a small Flash based recorder. After about a year of service, my Ondio is starting to act up. I can't get the damned thing to turn on unless I blow into the Flash Card Slot. I tried using Compressed Air to blow out whatever is in the card slot but that didn't help. At this moment, I don't have anything that will reliably record. I am hoping I can raise some money to buy an Iriver so I can produce more podcasts. I will start doing more home-based podcasts and maybe I'll dig out my micro-cassette recorder and use that to do sound-seeing tours. Thanks for the flattering comment about my podcasts, Frank... that is very much appreciated. I will get my big butt in gear and start podcasting again. If you really want to hear more stuff from me, you can always tune into the live shows. I'm on the air on Tuesdays from 9 PM to 11 PM Central and Saturday from 5 PM Central to 7 PM Central. The URL for the Internet radio station where I work is tune in if you can.


FrankLizarde wrote:
Well, it's about time!
Let's have one of the best podcasters come back doing his own thang again!
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I just wanted to let the people who listen to The Fun Zone or The Talk Zone know that I have been podcasting my shows for awhile now. If you want to subscribe to those shows just put in these feeds.

The Fun Zone
Comedy, Dementia, Crazy Music

The Talk Zone
Technology, Science, Blindness, Silliness and More

Also, you can subscribe to my Internet Only Podcast. I might play or say anything, this has not been updated recently but I intend to make a full come-back and update much more often.

Byron's Journal

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