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I would either re-subscribe to the email service or check to insure that they 
are not being blocked by your email provider.  Often that's the problem, emails 
are blocked and people don't realize it.  Go to and enter your email address in the 
edit box provided and you should be good to go.

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>>> lgsinger@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 01/10/08 04:43PM >>>
I haven't seen a Fredshead e-mail in probably 4 or 5 months.  I know 
they continue because I see references to them in the "Top Tech 
Tidbits" weekly e-mails.
larry Gassman
At 08:43 AM 12-30-2007, you wrote:
>I used to get all of the Fred's Head postings via email.  Several months
>ago, that stopped.  What has changed?
>           Bud Kennedy
>           bkennedy429@xxxxxxxxx 
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>I use Blogger and what I usually do is to compose the posts in Word Pad,
>including the HTML codes and then cut and paste that into the "body" field
>of the post in Blogger.  It is difficult to use the links provided by
>Blogger for editing.
>Michael McCarty
>Fred's Head Database Coordinator
>American Printing House for the Blind
>Phone: 502 899-2396
>Fax: 502 899-2363
>Skype: mbmccarty
> >>> lino0876@xxxxxxxxx 12/26/07 11:19PM >>>
>Hi folks,
>Have any of experienced posting using Blogger? For some weird reason JFW
>will not click on the mouse over links to compose. I tried to use CTRL plus
>insert plus enter and no go. My wife and I have to email our postings. This
>is really weird. Your bro in Christ.
>Lino Morales and Louie Lab
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