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Hey Larry! Glad you brought up this subject again. Yes my friends there is a 
way to post to Blogger via the web. It is a bit funky, but here is what you 
do. Find where it says frame hit enter then your in the edit field to post 
whatever you want. Put in a title for your post in the title edit last 
though. The only drawback is that you can not spell check your post. I 
sometimes use email to post. Your brother in Christ.
Lino Morales and Louie Lab
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I haven't seen a Fredshead e-mail in probably 4 or 5 months.  I know
they continue because I see references to them in the "Top Tech
Tidbits" weekly e-mails.
larry Gassman
At 08:43 AM 12-30-2007, you wrote:
>I used to get all of the Fred's Head postings via email.  Several months
>ago, that stopped.  What has changed?
>           Bud Kennedy
>           bkennedy429@xxxxxxxxx
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>I use Blogger and what I usually do is to compose the posts in Word Pad,
>including the HTML codes and then cut and paste that into the "body" field
>of the post in Blogger.  It is difficult to use the links provided by
>Blogger for editing.
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> >>> lino0876@xxxxxxxxx 12/26/07 11:19PM >>>
>Hi folks,
>Have any of experienced posting using Blogger? For some weird reason JFW
>will not click on the mouse over links to compose. I tried to use CTRL plus
>insert plus enter and no go. My wife and I have to email our postings. This
>is really weird. Your bro in Christ.
>Lino Morales and Louie Lab
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