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Hi Steve. It sounds like an interesting program to listen to!
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No way are any of them blind; they all drive and they offer visual
descriptions of the scenery around them.

Their feed is

On Mon, Sep 26, 2005 at 03:09:08PM -0700, Sabrena and/or Chris wrote:
Audio Collective is not a blindcast from waht I can tell, but it's a mighty
fine podcast with all kinds of sound-seeing tours. Don't have the URL on
hand for ya, but I'm sure somebody's got it.


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Here is the list of Blindcasts that I am subscribed too, please tell me if I'm missing anything...

ACB Radio Replay
As Seen From Here
BITS Audio Blog (Doesn't seem to be updating)
Blind Access Journal
Blind Chance
Blind Cool Tech
Blind Handyman (Dosen't seem to be updating)
BlindKiss (Dosen't seem to be updating)
Byron's Journal (Subscribed to my own to feed to make sure it works)
DC Nights Out
DJC's Thoughts
Fred's Head Companion (No Audio Files in Feed)
GW Micro
Life, The Universe, and Everything with Blair Alper
Living on the Edge
Mike's Mess Journal
Monty KD6CAE's Rants
No Holds Barred
Rich's Home Page
Scott's Podcast
Shane's Live Journal
Shane's Rants
The Audio Collective (don't know if this is a blindcast)
The Darcy and Holly Show
The Desert Skies Podcast
The Mosen Explosion
The Space Report
Tom and Darryl's Podcast
Toonhead's Rants

That's it, if anyone wants the URL to a particular feed, please let me know and I'll send it along.

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