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No way are any of them blind; they all drive and they offer visual
descriptions of the scenery around them.

Their feed is

On Mon, Sep 26, 2005 at 03:09:08PM -0700, Sabrena and/or Chris wrote:
> Audio Collective is not a blindcast from waht I can tell, but it's a mighty 
> fine podcast with all kinds of sound-seeing tours. Don't have the URL on 
> hand for ya, but I'm sure somebody's got it.
> Chris
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> Here is the list of Blindcasts that I am subscribed too, please tell me
> if I'm missing anything...
> ACB Radio Replay
> As Seen From Here
> BITS Audio Blog (Doesn't seem to be updating)
> BlairCast
> Blind Access Journal
> Blind Chance
> Blind Cool Tech
> Blind Handyman (Dosen't seem to be updating)
> BlindKiss (Dosen't seem to be updating)
> Blindspot
> Byron's Journal (Subscribed to my own to feed to make sure it works)
> DC Nights Out
> DJC's Thoughts
> Fred's Head Companion (No Audio Files in Feed)
> GW Micro
> Life, The Universe, and Everything with Blair Alper
> Living on the Edge
> Mike's Mess Journal
> Monty KD6CAE's Rants
> No Holds Barred
> Rich's Home Page
> Scott's Podcast
> Shane's Live Journal
> Shane's Rants
> The Audio Collective (don't know if this is a blindcast)
> The Darcy and Holly Show
> The Desert Skies Podcast
> The Mosen Explosion
> The Space Report
> Tom and Darryl's Podcast
> Toonhead's Rants
> That's it, if anyone wants the URL to a particular feed, please let me
> know and I'll send it along.

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