Re: Blind Podcasting Directory - Name Suggestions?

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  • Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2009 14:06:53 -0400

Not to be mean Shane, but why would you want to do such a thing? Tom what's 
his name at White is already doing that on his website. Check it 
out. Your bro in Christ,
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From: "Shane D" <chatter8712@xxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Blind Podcasting Directory - Name Suggestions?


I am working on the development of a podcast network for podcasts
who's hosts are blind. I am trying to come up with a name. Any
suggestions? If you are interested in knowing more about the project,
I'll let you know as it progresses.

AIM: inhaddict
MSN: shane@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Skype: chatter8712
Twitter: blind_geek

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