Apple IPOD Shuffle and Setting it up

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Dear Lists!

I have an Apple IPOD Shuffle and am trying to get it to set up or work.

First of all, I attempted to recharge the unit by plugging the USB cable that 
it came with into the Vista Machine and let the unit charge in its cradle for 
up to four hours.  

The unit never seemed to charge properly, as the light remained yellow.  
However, the unit played when I copied some MP3 files onto the drive for it.  
As soon as I plug the ipod in to the usb, it plays in Windows Media Player.  We 
cannot get it to play from the unit when it is unplugged from the computer.

Now, the directions (quick start) say it s fully charged when light is green 
and fully sincted.

My question is, do we have to install itunes on the unit or some other media 
player (Real Player or Windows Media Player) to get it to play.  

Give me step-by-step directions to setting up the unit if necessary.

James robinson

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