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I think most folks will want the low sencetivity ones. That is what I've been using, and the sensetivity is almost too high with these.

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Hi Micah,
As I understand it, these are two different mics. If you look at the
SountProfessionals site, the specs are different for these mics so I'm
almost positive that they are two different mics.
The thing, though, is that the low sensitivity end up nearly as good as the
high when you get a power source. So, if I get some, I think I'm leaning
toward the low sensitivity because you can get pretty loud spl out of them
as well.


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You might want to look at:

Larry has those microphones, and uses them extensively in his podcasts.  I
believe there is also a podcast that demos the mics, etc.

Are people generally buying the mics with the low or high sensitivity (there
are two options when you order from Sound Professionals). I don't know if
it is two different mics, or just a setting.


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Hi Rusty.  I think it does sound wild!
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Hi folks,
I was doing some research on line, and I discovered a very intriguing
mic possibility.
There's a company at
Which makes a set of binaural microphones which fit in to your ears.
These mics reportedly allow you to capture the sound closest to what
you are hering.
They're tiny mics which are built in to an ear piece. The cords go to
a mini stereo jack to be plugged in to your iriver or what ever.

They've also got a version which is built on to a set of head phones,
I'm guessing you wear them like your walkman headphones.
The other set, that goes directly in to your ear, sits just outside
your ear canal and does not block the sound so you can hear what
you're recording.

Doesn't that sound wild?


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