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You might want to look at:

Larry has those microphones, and uses them extensively in his podcasts.  I
believe there is also a podcast that demos the mics, etc.

Are people generally buying the mics with the low or high sensitivity (there
are two options when you order from Sound Professionals).  I don't know if
it is two different mics, or just a setting.


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Hi Rusty.  I think it does sound wild!
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> Hi folks,
> I was doing some research on line, and I discovered a very intriguing mic
> possibility.
> There's a company at
> Which makes a set of binaural microphones which fit in to your ears.
> These mics reportedly allow you to capture the sound closest to what you 
> are
> hering.
> They're tiny mics which are built in to an ear piece. The cords go to a 
> mini
> stereo jack to be plugged in to your iriver or what ever.
> They've also got a version which is built on to a set of head phones, I'm
> guessing you wear them like your walkman headphones.
> The other set, that goes directly in to your ear, sits just outside your 
> ear
> canal and does not block the sound so you can hear what you're recording.
> Doesn't that sound wild?
> Rusty

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