Re: Andrew Grumet of iPodder fame now works for Podshow

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Many don't realize how helpful great relationships can be in creating access. I am often asked tremendous access was achieved at the nation's largest banks. The short answer is that folks worked really hard to develop highly positive relationships and inform people on access issues and concerns. Talking ATM's are much more accessible because of these relationships and other approaches like lawsuits would likely have yielded less. Currently, I am working with a large producer of voting machines in improving its audio interface. We are making steady progress in various degrees of significance. Others throughout the country have offered the same suggestions. Why are we succeeding? Because of the relationships we have developed with our local officials and representatives of the voting machine company. They share our dream of creating a workable solution so people with disabilities can cast a private vote independently, as stated in the Constitution of the United States.

Andrew also provides a great service where he sends along the best podcasts that he has heard. check it out on Giga dial.


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I just thought you should know that Andrew, the person so involved in making
iPodder so accessible now works for Adam Curry's Podshow. This is just huge
for us having someone like that as part of Podshow. Good luck Andrew!!!

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