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  • Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2005 15:03:50 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Sean
You are doing a fantastic job with your podcasts. Been a member
for 2 weeks. I enjoyed the free download manager. Thinking about
getting it soon.

Can you try out:

CounterSpy - its a anti spyware program that I hear is real
good. Go to google and do a search on Sunbelt software.

I should be hearing from someone from this company very soon to
see if it is indeed accessible with screen readers. A radio
computer hosts is going to help me connect with someone at this
company and this may lead to making the osoftware more

Write me privately if you have to. 


--- Sean Randall <sean@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I joined this list yesterday after realising that, as I have a
> podcast, it
> would probably be a good idea to get into the community a
> little.
> For those of you who are interested, my Podcast started out
> not as a Podcast
> at all but as a couple of software reviews and ramblings I
> recorded with
> vague notions of Main Menu playing them.
> When they didn't, I decided that, as I was getting some
> webspace of my own
> (and as I was fairly interested in what the discussion of
> podness was all
> about), I figured I'd put them online as Mp3's.
> So, after writing a PHP web page that listed all the mp3's
> (with their size,
> date and such), I twigged that a Podcast wouldn't be that hard
> to run along
> side the web page, and would provide an alternative method for
> people to
> access my stuff.
> It was but  an hours work to set up the rss and make sure it
> listed my files
> in a similar method to the actual web page, and (rather to my
> disbelief)
> I've since received over 200 E-mail messages in regard to the
> content up
> there.
> One of the developers of a program I reviewed even saw his way
> clear to
> making accessibility changes to software he'd written as a
> result of a
> positive review - which inspired me all the more to carry on.
> I know one or two of you on this list have listened to (or at
> least seen)
> the Podcast - the content is generally aimed toward people,
> like myself;
> using screen-readers and various programs (which I review, not
> in exhaustive
> detail, but enough to give you an overview, with my own
> opinions thrown in).
> Some of the stuff is aimed toward developers more than users
> (the latest,
> for instance; is intended for Jaws scripters and I did go a
> bit over the top
> with wild ranting in that one), but overall I think things are
> being
> generally well-received.
> I use Gold Wave to record things and tend to be casual,
> bordering on the
> point of - well, no bordering. I'm just informal and never go
> through a
> Podcast with a prepared script or anything of the sort.
> As a result, things tend to go a bit up the wall sometimes. ..
> But that's
> generally mildly entertaining.
> People have told me I should try a more structured approach -
> but I really
> do think being warm and open with people about the things you
> are interested
> in is a much more Human way to go about it.
> I don't have a question or anything - and have absolutely 0
> experience at
> this sort of thing either - remember that I only put my files
> as a Podcast
> because I wanted to give people another way to access my
> files, so they
> aren't weekly updated or anything like that.
> But it's good to be able to sit down and think "I'll record
> another Podcast
> now" and to have it go up and listened to, so I'm gonna keep
> at it so long
> as there's at least a single person listening.
> if any of you guys have things for me to review, though;
> content always
> welcome - you never know what interesting things people might
> turn up.
> so: the URL to my Technical - well: Technical-ish Podcast is:
> Keep in mind the site itself is rather new - and as always,
> feedback is
> welcome.
> Cheers - and I hope to learn a thing or two hanging around
> this list!
> Sean R.
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> say
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> it.
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