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The Code Amber podcast is where you can find Amber Alerts, however, we do not put the audio files up on the blog due to it changing so often. In one instance, I would have put the audio up, and then put a cancellation up minutes later. So there is text only. is that URL. I hope you enjoy that.

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Are there any podcasts that happen to brodcast amber alerts as they happen?
If so what's the url?
Also does anyone have the url for john mosen's the mosen explosion podcast?
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> Hi Julie. I know you can do that, but what I was hoping to do was to have > Juice not automatically download episodes from certain feeds. As it stands > now, when you add a feed, it will automatically download new episodes as > they come in. I'm thinking that Juice will just not do what I want it to > do, but the podcasting client in Replay AV just might. I'm going to > experiment a bit this afternoon. > > At 12:04 PM 3/11/2006 -0700, you wrote: > >Press alt-V for view adn arrow down to "subscriptions." Find your show in > >the list box and tab over to se the available episodes. Space bar toggles > >between "download" and "skip." > > > >HTH > >JulieMelton > >visit me at > > > >Keep smiling! > > > > > >----- Original Message ----- > >From: "Lynn Schneider" <lschneider9@xxxxxxxxxxx> > >To: <blindcasting@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> > >Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2006 3:26 AM > >Subject: Downloading specific episodes with Juice > > > > > > > Hi everyone. As you know, the default behavior of Juice is to > > > automatically download anything new that gets posted to the feeds you are > > > subscribed to. However, for some of my podcasts, I would like Juice not > > > to > > > download episodes unless I ask it to. I'm wondering if this could be done > > > somehow? In other words, for some of my feeds, I would like to manually > > > look at the episode list and select only the episodes that catch my > > > interest. > > > > > > Thanks in advance for any input. > > > > > > > > > > >

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