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well said. I would only add that accessibility varies from individual to individual and is effected by things like computer knowledge and willingness to try various things to make a site or program accessible. For example, some sites have flash, so the screen reader needs to be told to ignore it. In any case, the w3c guidelines dont' seem, to me, to reflect the reality of most blind internet users.

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Subject: Accessibility or lack thereof? was Re: The Latest Darcy and Holly Show
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Hi Darcy and all
Ok, now I really hope I'm not opening a can of worms on this one, but I'm afraid I may, so let's hope that we can all discuss this thing without all getting fired up.
I just finished listening to the most recent DHS podcast, and I have to say that I wholeheartedly agree with Darcy about the whole issue of accessibility.
I have to say that I think the site in question,
Takes things way way overboard, because sites that most, if not all the people that I encounter on a daily basis, have absolutely no problems accessing these sites. I also think Darcy is correct when he pointed out that someone new to Podcasting, not knowing any better, would have a preconceived notion about a podcast's website, based on the rating it gets. That's the thing about the word "accessibility" it's either all or nothing to a lot of people and it just doesn't seem right to me. I find almost all the podcast websites I visit to be extremely accessible, and the ones that are a bit cluttered, I know how to find my way around.
I mean, look at these results.
Blind Chance, Shane's Live Journal, The Desert Skies Podcast, and The Darcy and Holly Show all got an accessibility rating of fare. I don't have a single problem accessing these sites at all. none whatsoever.
Geek News Central got an average,
Blind Cool Tech got an average, as did The Mosen Explosion among others. I don't have trouble with any of these sites, do any of you guys? I'd like to see if anyone else thinks these guys are just a little off?I definitely think so.

At 12:25 AM 2/9/2006, you wrote:
Hi all. Earlier today Holly and I did another podcast. If you've never listened to our show before, or you haven't listened for a while, I hope you'll check this one out. Despite the fact that I think we were both in a bit of a weird mood, I think it came out really well.
As those of you who listen regularly know, we don't often talk about blindness related issues on our show. We did this time however, and we'd love to get some feedback from both blind and sighted listeners.
The web site for the show is The feed address is

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