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Yeah, completely agree Chris.

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Hi Darcy and all
Ok, now I really hope I'm not opening a can of worms on this one, but I'm
afraid I may, so let's hope that we can all discuss this thing without all
getting fired up.
I just finished listening to the most recent DHS podcast, and I have to say
that I wholeheartedly agree with Darcy about the whole issue of
I have to say that I think the site in question,
Takes things way way overboard, because sites that most, if not all the
people that I encounter on a daily basis, have absolutely no problems
accessing these sites.  I also think Darcy is correct when he pointed out
that someone new to Podcasting, not knowing any better, would have a
preconceived notion about a podcast's website, based on the rating it gets.
That's the thing about the word "accessibility" it's either all or nothing
to a lot of people and it just doesn't seem right to me. I find almost all
the podcast websites I visit to be extremely accessible, and the ones that
are a bit cluttered, I know how to find my way around.
  I mean, look at these results.
Blind Chance, Shane's Live Journal, The Desert Skies Podcast, and The 
Darcy and Holly Show all got an accessibility rating of fare.   I 
don't have a single problem accessing these sites at all. none whatsoever.
  Geek News Central got an average,
Blind Cool Tech got an average, as did The Mosen Explosion among others.  I
don't have trouble with any of these sites, do any of you guys? I'd like to
see if anyone else thinks these guys are just a little off?I definitely
think so.

                 At 12:25 AM 2/9/2006, you wrote:
>         Hi all.  Earlier today Holly and I did another podcast.  If  
>you've never listened to our show before, or you haven't listened  for 
>a while, I hope you'll check this one out.  Despite the fact  that I 
>think we were both in a bit of a weird mood, I think it came  out 
>really well.
>As those of you who listen regularly know, we don't often talk about 
>blindness related issues on our show.  We did this time however, and 
>we'd love to get some feedback from both blind and sighted listeners.
>The web site for the show is  The feed 
>address is

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