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That's cool. Thanks very much.
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  Hi Kevin,

  I have just linked to this show from Blind Access Journal.  You should now be 
able to capture some of my listeners.  Enjoy.

  Darrell Shandrow - Shandrow Communications!
  Technology consultant/instructor, network/systems administrator!
  A+, CSSA, Network+!
  Visit and sign the Google Word 
Verification Accessibility Petition today!
  Information should be accessible to us without need of translation by another 
  Blind Access Journal blog and podcast:
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    Hello folks. A new Podcast is on Gcast. Darrel Shandrow who had the Google 
Pitission was my Guest Last Night . We talked about Word Verification, the NFB, 
and other blindness related ishews. Go check it out at either or I think you will find this to be a 
thought provoking show. I will talk to you later. I would also like to thank 
Darrel Shandrow for being a guest. He did a great job.
    Check out my Pod Cast at Or you can check out my show on 
the World Wide Web and listen to it in real time. Go to

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