A brand new podcast is now available

  • From: "Jared Rimer" <jrimer2002@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2008 12:29:57 -0700

Well all,
        You guys haven't heard from me in quite awhile.  I'll be catching you 
up on
whats been happening.

1.  The code amber podcast has been discontinued at this time.  We have not
had much to talk about, so I've placed the podcast on hold.

2.  My Tech podcast is going very well, and we've launched podcast 62 last
week.  Its URL is http://technology.menvi.org

3.  A brand new podcast launched today, called America's Most Wanted,
reloaded.  The web site is http://amwrl.wbby.us and we have show notes,
links to everyone we talk about and an adult disclaimer.  I knew I needed
one, but neglected to put a disclaimer on our first podcast, but I will be
making that correction on podcast 2.  You can listen on the web site or by
telephone, and a number is provided on the site.

4.  MENVI's podcast is starting to pick up, I've released some new material
and some new material will be recorded today and tomorrow.
http://presentations.menvi.org is that URL.

Visit my full podcast page at http://podcast.wbby.us for all of the podcasts
and their links.    Now in alphabetical order for ease of use.  Enjo.

Jared Rimer
Business website: http://support.superior-software.com
Personal Website: http://personal.wbby.us
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service done through Superior Software level one
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