A White Christmas Marathon

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  • Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2007 22:57:37 -0600

Now that Christmas is just days away, why not take time away from shopping, 
wrapping presents, paying the bills, stressing and whatever other distractions, 
and enjoy three relaxing hours of vintage Christmas music and conversation.

Join me for three hours of music beginning at 12 noon central time on Saturday. 
 This translates to 18 hours universal, one o'clock eastern or ten in the 
morning, pacific time.

For broadband users, go to
or, if you are using Winamp, type in http://ultrahost.us:9400

For dial up users, you can go to
and select any of the dial up streams.

To request a song, email or MSN radioforlife@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

If you are not able to hear the show live, it will be replayed on the Radio For 
Life web page at 3 in the afternoon on Monday (central time) and will be 
archived for a short time sometime on Monday evening or during Christmas Day 
depending on my family schedule.

May you and your family enjoy this blessed season.

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