Re: A Second Podcast Feed from the Mosen Explosion

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Direct link is

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Hi, Jonathan. I can't find anything to paste into Ipodder. There is a 
that says to paste this link, but there is nothing there. Opening that 
brings up the page containing the information for that link.
At 10/6/2005, you wrote:

>Hi all, I'm very pleased to say that now, you can subscribe to a feed 
>will give you all of the audio posts to Mosen Explosion as a podcast. 
>means that if you want to receive the audio posts we do between radio 
>and receive the pre-recorded material we put up after the show on the 
>you can now obtain all this from the new feed. The old feed for the 
>radio show, which can also be used in RSS readers to receive the blog's 
>in an RSS reader, is still available.
>If you'd like to subscribe to the new feed, just visit
> and choose the podcasts link towards the 
>of the page.
>Zap on over and explode your podcatcher today!
>Jonathan Mosen
>Blog, podcast and radio show:
>Ph: +1-925-566-9265.
>Mobile/SMS +1-806-252-6671

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