[blind_tech] Braille sense plus and the Braillenote

  • From: Paul Tandy <paul96cars@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2009 16:11:20 -0800

Hi all, we haven't had very much traffic lately.  So I thought I 
would post here.

If you hate your Braillenote, you should either buy a Braille 
plus sold by Aph or the Braille sense plus sold by Gw micro.

However, the Braille plus has no built-in braille display so you 
must add an additional display.  It also doesn't have a 
back-space or enter key like the Braillenote and Braille sense 

However, if you want a device with 32 cells for braille, check 
out the Braille sense plus.

This was written by me and I promote Gw micro's products almost 
every day.


Are you looking into buying a great new product sold by a great 

Gw micro has created a product called the Braille sense plus.

> It has 8 gb of built-in memory.  And if that isn't enough 
memory, you can put an additional high capacity sd card, a hard 
drive, and a cfd compactflash card into the unit.

The Braille sense plus even has an lcd display.  You may be 
wondering, why would a person who is blind use an lcd display.  
This is for people to be able to see the work being done on the 
Braille sense plus, they can easily look at the lcd display.  
However, if you do not wish for people to see what you are doing 
on the Braille sense plus, no worries.  You can easily turn this 
optional function  off by using a few special keystrokes.

With the Braille sense plus, you can create, edit, print, format 
and more with the word processor.  If you need to have multiple 
documents open at once for a meeting, schoolwork etc, you can 
have up to 10 documents open at once by using a few keystrokes.

The Braille sense plus does not need a lan card or a wireless 
card for you to access the web.  You can easily just plug in your 
lan connection into your Braille sense plus and have access to 
the full web.  You don't even have to create a connection 
configuration like the Braillenote.  If you want to use wireless 
from your home, you must create a wireless connection 
configuration.  You can even search for wireless connection and 
connect at a hotel or a cafe.  You can search for bluetooth 
devices and connect your Braille sense plus to your cell-phone 
and access the internet that way if desired.

Not only is there a full email program on the Braille sense plus, 
but there is also msn messenger.  If you have an msn messenger 
account, you will be able to access it on the Braille sense plus 
with no problems.

Do you like to record and listen to music.  You can easily record 
va built-in fm radio, an external microphone or a internal 
microphone.  You can even set the quality of recording.  Note: 
The better the quality of recording, the bigger the audio file 
will be.  You may be asking "Can the Braille sense plus record in 
any other formats than wav"? Yes, the Braille sense plus can 
record in wav and m p 3.

With the file manager, you can zip and unzip files, find your 
text files, and listen your your media files.

The customers really like the feature of the removable batty.  If 
your battery wares out and gets shot, you can purchase a new 
battery from Gw micro and switch the new battery into the Braille 
sense plus.

The Braille sense plus does not limit you to run one task at 
once.  In fact, you can have up to 7 tasks open at once by using 
one special keystroke.

You may be thinking that this product offers so much more than 
it's competing competitors, that it must cost more than any 
product on the market.  Well, if that's what you think, then 
stand by for a very big surprise.  The Braille sense plus only 
costs 5995 dollars plus shipping.  That is about 300 dollars less 
than it's direct  competing product which doesn't offer as many 
features as the Braille sense plus.  The Braille sense runs on 
Windows 5.00 and is compatible to Microsoft.  You also may be 
wondering about it's weight.  It only weighs 2.7 pounds.

To learn more about the Braille sense plus, 
visit:www.gwmicro.com, or send your tech questions to 
support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx you can call them at: 260-4893671.


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