blind_html what's wrong with humanware?

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  • Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 14:44:42 -0900

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Hi, what's wrong with Humanware in my opinion? Do you think that
I'm the only one who isn't necessarily pleased with Humanware's
My sister is going to New Zealand, where as you know, the
braille notes are made.  She is not going to see Humanware, for
she is just on a vacation.
 I so much would like to go there, not for the vacation, but to
tell Humanware my thoughts.  For 1, the customers on the braille
note list, do not even know about the
keysoft upgrade that Humanware said they would launch of fall of
2008.  Humanware hardly responds to the questions on the list
that we have.  Now to be honest, I used to love humanware and the
braille notes.  I used to love their service.  They used to
respond to people's questions.  Humanware is still a well-known
company all arround the world.  Their company has grown, but
previous braille note users are switching to other devices and
companies.  For example, people talk about how the braille plus
is so much greater than the braille note, and it probably is.
The braille sense plus can suit my needs better than Humanware's
product, the braille note.  It's cheaper too.
 When the braille note first came out, it was big.  It was like
the first computer a blind person could use with braille.  It was
so popular with the latest programs computers could run.
Internet, email, planner, etc etc.  But, now it seems to be
lacking technology programs.  Humanware only supports Microsoft
2003 and isn't there a microsoft 2007? Gwmicro, the braille and
voice sense company said that supporting microsoft 2007 was
written down to be on the new upgrade.  But with Humanware, they
say nothing.  I ask: doesn't every one that has a braille note
want to know the new upgrade?
 I shall no longer be able to support Humanware.
For the customers sake, they should have a poast at least once a
week or maybe once a month talking about what's happening with
keysoft 8.  Even if it just said: We have found a major bug and
we are having trouble penning it down.  Or even just: The next
upgrade is being tested for future release.  But no, they as I
said do not poast.

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