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Ok. i was using a validating program to try and validate my site but it is 
coming up with some weird stuff like the html and body tags are not closed. yes 
they certainly are!  Attached is the updated file. what's up with it not seeing 
that the html and body tags are not closed? and what else might need to be 
fixed? I'm trying  to revamp the website and I'm learning html again to do this.


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Hello and welcome to my site. Here, I will post links for the blind and anything else I can think of. *g* If you want to get hold of me and let me know if there is a broken link or what ever, contact me. Now that that's out of the way, let's take care of the rest of the sight. Shall we?

music music, and more music

Do you like to listen to music? Well if so check out the following link. I am working on a christmas album that i hope you will enjoy. Go to for more info, and some sound clips.

games, games, and more games

I like to play games. I am also totally blind so I can't play games for the sighted. I do how ever, like some games for the blind and visually impaired. One great resource for games is audio games dot net witch has a vast number of links and articles pointing to accessible games and accessibility in programming games and more. I will not reveal all as you will have to check them out. *g*

all in play

I was googling for something one day and found a site that i didn't intend to find. It features crazy eights, which I'd never heard of, and poker. I was a bit worried but I found out that the chips and points are all fake. No money is taken from a bank account. If you want to try this feel free to hit enter on this link to go to the all in play homepage and check them out.

Draconis Entertainment!

Draconis entertainment is a neat site where they have pinball extreme and change reaction and more. I will not reveal all. Mewhahahahaha! Check Draconis out here.

And now for the ever dreaded miscellaneous contents. *grin*

There is a link on the top of the page for some miscellaneous song clips that I recorded and some other things I did, but here is some content that I didn't know where to put any ware else.

the classical journey (with banter)

Well TCJWB is back and ready to go. It is on mondays from 9-11 pm eastern. We play stuff from the 1400s to the early 20th century and beyond. You will need winamp to play this stream as we stream in ogg vorbous. Hear is a link to the stream. and Hear is a link to the archives if you miss the show. If yu want to try and request something before i go on air, hit enter here to leave a request. I hope to see you there.

some sites of interest.

Hear is a fun site created by a good friend of mine. It features some neat scripts and more. check them out.

another friend's site

hear is another friend's site. it is under construction but it will grow to be really cool really soon. the blind geek's zone.

accessible programs

Have you ever wanted to run ad-aware but are flustered as jfw won't read the screen to you? Or maybe you wanted to have an accessible restore program for your PC? Hear is a neat little site a friend told me about. I like this site as it has some great ideas on what to use. accessible programs. I think you will like it.

get paid to evaluate sights.

Ok. I will never never never put on this site anything that I think is a scam and that i never participated in myself. And now that that is out of the way, here is what I was going to say.

One thing I am trying out and having fun with is at a site called Click here to join HTMail's opt-in list It emails you adds that are made by real people and pays you to just look at the site. I'm doing my evaluations on the accessibility of a site. I give my feedback and return the codes. I don't do it for the money, I do it to try and improve the accessibility of these sites. Enjoy.

the langa list

Have you ever wanted to know more about your computer but are afraid you won't understand what other magazines are talking about? Well, I found a place through google one day that explained computers in a way us non computer majors could understand. It is called the Langa List by Fred Langa. It is free to subscribe, but I upgraded to the paid plus subscription and for $12 a year? That is not bad, but I would go for the free version first to see if you like it. I could be mean and not give you the address. I could make you hunt for it, but I won't. Visit this link to access the langa web site and sign up page. It is a really good list and he gives you links to free software that is just as good as the expensive software. He also talks about regular issues such as keeping your pc cool, keeping your hard drive free of clutter, and more. Check it out.

a fun email list.

I am creating an email list for people with guide dogs who want to share there adventures with a fun filled group. You can check it out and send an email to this address. If that fails then fill out the following form to subscribe.

Google Groups Subscribe to guide dog adventures
Browse Archives at

other lists of interest.

I am building a new catigory for the site. it is an interesting lists group. I hope you enjoy it.

the blind handy girls list

 And speaking of lists here is one you might like. It is called the blind handy girls list. Here is a short discription by the list owner about said list. 
A womens list too discuss how to tips, and some genral interest chat. To subscribe send a blank message to this address

pc help

I am an advanced user in the use of pc computers. I feel i can teatch with confidents. Chat at me first though as i do a lot with skype or if you get my voicemail, I will chat at you and see what's up. Prefered language: english!

Call now

25 sence a minute

making donations and a farewell.

I didn't know where to put this, but here we go. *smiles* If you want to donate to the website for the tutorials or what ever, I don't care, feel free to do so. Hit enter or the space bar on the following button to proceed. If it is not accessible, let me know and I will see what I can do about it.  Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.



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