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  • Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2008 20:16:18 -0500

On another list, I sent my thoughts on yesterday's race, even though that 
message was meant for this list.  I contend, we voted into office a moral, 
honest, sincere man, who is not out to degrade anyone.  I believe, he has 
intentions of raising the lower classes to a tolerable life style, which, has 
not been afforded them due to cut backs and misuse of federal dollars.  The 
middle class is almost extinct, and hopefully, we will revamp and regain our 
comfortable position, as a viable  force, socially as well as fiscally.  I 
didn't like the way the opposing  candidate ran his election, and see, in his 
concilliary speech, he can be kind and non abrasive.  Had he conducted his 
campaign that way, I might have voted Republican, but he didn't and neither did 
I. I don't know about you, but I can tell you, all the hate mail and so called 
"Christian" pleas, to vote for McCain, disgusted me, and I wrote to all those 
people, and set them straight.  These red necked, ignorant majority voters had 
the audacity to suggest Obama was the Anti Christ, as their Preachers told them 
so.  I wouldn't doubt, the Republican party was responsible for most of the 
hate Email, which talked of black crime and black motives, , Which they say, 
was Obama's true reason for running for office-that we would become a Moslem 
state.  Historically, the Democrat party doesn't slander the opposition, in 
this most base style.  Strangely, when John Kennedy ran for the highest office 
in the land, the anti Christ of that  era was the Pope of the Catholic church.  
John Kennedy professed to be Roman Catholic.  They talked of the 7 hills of 
Rome, and how the man, riding the beast, wore a blue Turban-signifying his 
lofty position.  This time around, the Blue Turban signified Moslem.  The whole 
campaign left a bitter taste in my mouth.  Hopefully, those Nay Sayers will see 
how wrong they were, and that we can make a difference, as a nation, not run by 
corporate America.   
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