blind_html Why I voted Democrat

  • From: "FRANK LOVERME" <RedingtonMan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2008 13:32:09 -0500

I am a registered Conservative, or at least, before moving to Florida, where 
the Conservative party is not recognized.  I voted for Obama, in this election, 
because I make it a policy, not to vote for a mud slinger.  McCain ran a dirty, 
slanderous campagne, and it sickened me, he wanted the world to believe in him 
as a representative of the American people.  It's not the way I am, and I 
wouldn't want someone, who outwardly lies, to his constituents, to further his 
means.  As we all know, today, that negative campagne sunk his boat.  His 
running mate said, in hindsight, she will never, again, be a party to a 
negative campagne.  A Republican governor, before it was announce who won the 
election, said, McCanes biggest mistake, was trying to find fault, on a 
personal level, with Obama, rather than on a political level. Having found an 
Aunt, "living in poverty" didn't do his run for the White House, any good, 
either.  Everyone has a poor relative, somewhere, and it should be no 
reflection on all relatives, unless they adhere to the principal set forth in 
the New Testament, whereby all wealth is given up, to become closer to God.   
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