blind_html Toshiba Problems

  • From: "Marvin Hunkin" <startrekcafe@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blind_html@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2008 20:32:13 +1100

spent most of today at a friends place with my a 300 satellite psa g4a 
and tried to figure out why the web cam driver is not working.
we we suspected that the unknown device under imaging in windows vista home 
premium, might be a usb controller hard ware device.
so,maybe the usb controller is malfunctioning, the web cam is not working 
and comes up with an error every time i start windows vista.
webcam error, web cam driver. please start your camera or start windows, or 
some thing like that.
so, any one experienced this problem, as the microphone is linked to the 
tried a few things, but did not resolve it.
either there is some conflict in the driver software or the usb controller 
is faulty.
so the only thing left to do, and not really keen on doing that, is back up 
all my software to my friends external hard disk, and then use the recovery 
disk function of the laptop and reinstall the operating system, to see if 
that can be restored.
or resolved.
did try searching on google, and on toshiba forums, and lots of people 
posting and complaining of the same thing on their different models of their 
toshiba laptops, and toshiba knows about the problem, but has never fixed 
cannot contact toshiba australia, no e-mail or web form, only via phone, and 
not open on weekends.
so if any one has run into this same problem, and can advice me how to fix 
this, before going down this long task of reinstalling the whole 250 gb 
and have backed up my critical data to a 2 gb flash drive.
cheers Marvin.
ps: if no one can help me out, then next weekend, will be reinstalling the 
whole operating system, with my sighted friend's help.

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