blind_html Re: my concerns with bookshare and Humanware

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Come on dude.

I've heard some crhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhrappy things about the Icon and Braille plus. I've heard that their flash disk is small. Is that true.

I like Gw micro a lot more. They actually care about their customers and update their windows opperating system. I'de rather have a Braille sense plus than a Braillenote. When you type in the word processor in your Bn, it saves it as a kwb file. Who uses that? I mean, the Braille sense plus didn't even recognise that file type.
Here are some reasons why I like the Braille sense plus.

1.  They have three built-in alarms.
2. Their wireless is grhrhrhrhrhrhrhrate. It works even when you have a rhrhrhrhreeeeeeeely low signal.
3.  You can record and m p 3 and wave.
4. There radio is out of a scale of 1-to10 is to 11 out of 10. That doesn't make sense I know, but it is. You can record the radio in m p 3 and wave. 5. You can have up to seven tasks open at once by using all special keystrokes that are easy and short. 6. You can order a battery for the Braille sense plus. You may be thinking, this is just a waste of money. Most companies make you ship your unit to the other ends of the world to their company. But with Gw micro you can order a battery and put it in your unit when your previous battery is shot. 7. The keys are really quiet. They're so quiet that once I was at a meeting, and no one even could tell I was typing. 8. The Braille sense plus has two speakers, one on each side which has great quality. 9. There is an lcd display on the top of the unit. This is useful for people who are visually impaired and can't read braille very well. They can simply look at the lcd display and can see what they are writing on the screen.

Maybe all companies want money, but some really care.

Gw micro and Hims really care. Whatever we want and need, 99 percent of the time, it's on the new upgrade. They have a list where people ask and answer questions and the technical support team is really great. They answer all of our questions. If your on the Braillenote list, you know that Humanware hardly ever responds to our questions.


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I fully agree with your statements here. Humanware is out there
for profit,
and bfore anyone tells me that all companies are out there for
that, I
understand. There is a difference, though, between profit and
cheating.  The
Bn is one of the most out of date piece of shit. It used to be a
device, the operative phrase here is used to. The disk space is
small, the
browser is out of date, the hardware sucks, and every time they
come out
with a new update, people are forced into a hardware upgrade.
How about they
do it right? I mean, look at the icon here. It is much cheaper
and does a
zillion more things than a BN will ever do.

Nimer J

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Hi all, I wrote this before I knew when keysoft 8 was coming out.
So in other words, it's kind of old.  I sent it it Humanware.  It
was directed at them.  It's kind of mean I know, but I'm not
rhrhrhrhrhreeeeeely happy with their service and things like

If ya all want, I can send ya all the What's wrong with Humanware
thingy I wrote again to refresh your memory.


Hi, my friend and I and many people all think the same about your

You guys don't care about your customers.  For, your going to put
bookshare on keysoft 8? How are we suppose to un-zip the zipped
books right now with bns?
I suppose your probably thinking, why don't you just un-zip them
with your pc?

Just to let you be informed, a lot of  people that use bns do not
have a computer to un-zip the files.  Yes, I know that we have
the old bookshare site, but,  it's not being up-dated with the
latest books and newspapers.  For how are deaf-blind users
suppose to know about the modern day issues? Are they just going
to have to pay for keysoft 8 and pay a ton of money just to have
accessibility to bookshare? And what about all those people that
are losing their jobs? How are they suppose to pay for keysoft 8?
They don't have that kind of money.  And for the classic bn
users, i assume that some of them don't have that kind of money
already.  Maybe that's why they haven't upgraded their bns to
keysoft 7.5.  Have you ever once thought of that?

I, however am a person that just has my Bn.  I don't have a
personal computer to un-zip the files with.  And also, I am one
of those people who can't afford new upgrades for my bn.  AM I
just going to have to wait until I have enough money for keysoft
8? But what am I suppose to do til then? Am I just suppose to
wait and take the braille notes advice?
The bn always sayseaplease
wait.  please wait.  You know, we've been waiting for keysoft 8
since last fall.

I understand you guys would like to make money with your
products.  But do you feel for those who suffer? I don't believe
your company does.  That's one of the things  I like about
gwmicro.  They really care for their customers and warn  them of
up-coming events.  Oh, I wish Humanware could do that.  You guys
used to care.  Why don't you care any more? Is it because your
company has to much pride in your unit of the braille note? If
that's the reason, let me tell you that your unit has it's little
share of bugs.  I'm not saying that every computer is perfect,
but I'm saying there's a pretty long list of bugs on your

Did you know that gwmicro makes a product called the braille
sense? It's cheaper than a braille note and you know? It actually
works with bookshare.

You need to fix this  for all the bn family including the
classics.  Other companies are fixing this problem.  For right
now, no one knows when keysoft 8 is coming out.  It could be a
week, month or even a year.  If you don't care for your customers
than why do you make products like the braille note? Oh, that's
right, just to make some money.
I understand you have your products, but honestly, why can't you
just put bookshare on the m-powers and the classics? Is it
because you can't? No it's not, I believe that you can.  Can't
yMake it another build or something? You made build 29 for
keysoft 7.5 free.  So why can't you make a build 30, so we can
access bookshare? Or make a build for the classics too.  I
believe you should make this build for free.

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