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Answering questions within original message, so see below.
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  My name is Lisa from Arizona and I am attempting to put up a website but 
haven't a clue of what I am doing.  Here is what I have managed so far.


  Bought a domain name and a 2-year package with  They have 
templates on there website builder but I have found them to difficult to use 
with JAWS version 9.  I had assistance to get the templates up but couldn't 
edit them and that's a big problem.


  I got filezilla and have managed to connect with my ftp so I could work on my 
website manually because I think that would be the best way to have control 
over my content.  I downloaded from web Braille the only book I could find on 
html written for html 4 and xhtml which if memory serves was written in 2002.  
Thing is I'm using kurzweil to read it so the syntax doesn't come out right for 
me to get the code.  My husband more of a novice than me says I can just write 
it in ms word 2003 and save it as an html file than put it up that way.

  Don't, ever! and I mean ever! use MS Office products to do webpages! They'll 
screw them up. Personally, I just use Notepad to code my pages and the HTML by 

    I want my website to look something like this at least the mainhome page.


  A title

   OK, well hhere you go


  <<head>title Whatever you want </title></head>

  A welcome sentence

   OK, just write anything.

  7 links or so in a list the typical about us contact us and others for 

   OK, then you would do

  <h5 Navigation</h5>


  <a href= "filename.html"> WHome</a>

  <li> <a hrref="Filename.htm"> Contacts</a>

  and etc.

  A copyright blip at the bottom.

   Copyright whatever 2009


  How do I do this first page and what do I call it?

  See example above. Call it index.html  Then how do I create the links on the 
page which would direct the user to subsequent pages.

  See example.  As I mentioned I have ms word 2003, and notepad and wordpad.  
Do you have any suggestions on what I can read on the internet to learn this 
stuff or should I switch to a different hosting company.

  See the W3 Schools tutorials; they are are a great help.  I have a 30-day 


  I am afraid that I will spend so much time figuring out how to put up my 
content that I'll never get anything up on the web.

  It takes a while at first, but once you get the hang of HTML and stuff, 
you'll be able to snap pages out like this.  My website will need to be updated 
daily with new articles and links and I don't want it to take forever or I'll 
not be able to write.  Itwon't take forever.



  Ok, that's it.  Any help or suggestions any one has is greatly appreciated.




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